The Advertising Association of Winnipeg is a member-driven organization that proudly supports people working in advertising, marketing and media. Founded in 1944, our primary focus is to act as an industry advocate that celebrates, educates and collaborates with the community at large. To launch our 70th anniversary, we consulted with key community stakeholders to provide insights on how we can better serve our membership. Through this feedback, we developed four strategic pillars that not only act as a guideline for what we currently offer members, but also as a larger framework for how our organization will advance in the future.


Speculative Work
While some people may view speculative work (creative, strategy and planning) as a necessary evil, we believe that it devalues our industry and the work we produce. Unfortunately, simply refusing to bid on jobs doesn’t send a strong enough message and drawing attention to a proposal may put future work with that client in jeopardy. Let us be your voice. When you come across a request that requires you to do speculative work, bring it to our attention and we’ll advocate on behalf of our membership to end this practice.

Industry Support
Manitoba has a wealth of local talent. When tenders are given to out-of-province companies, it’s a poor reflection of what our industry can do. We believe that our membership is on par with the best and the brightest and we will work to promote the benefits of hiring within the boundaries of our province. Not because our members are local, but because our members produce great work.

Board Structure
Our board is made up of 10 director positions representing a diverse set of industry segments. We strive to represent the interests of the larger community and will work to provide a voice for as many medias and mediums as possible, including: television, radio, outdoor, print, agency and design firm, marketing and communications, media placement, production, digital development.


Member Promotion
As an association, our primary goal is to promote our members and their work. Recent news and career opportunities are promoted through our website, social media vehicles and email marketing, with a broader vision of communicating member successes to a national audience.

Signature Awards
More than just a creative competition, the Signature Awards are a yearly celebration of local creative talent. Founded in 1988, the aim of the awards is to recognize the organizations and work being produced locally and to give advertising, marketing and media outlets an opportunity to showcase their work. Members not only receive discounts on entry and attendance fees, but they also help to curate a ongoing archive of creative work in the province and help to promote our industry both in the local market and to a national and international stage.

Legacy Fund
A percentage of membership fees are earmarked for an archiving fund related to the curation and storage of advertising-related materials. The aim of this fund is to protect our rich heritage and monies go directly towards storage fees, both physical and digital, as well as community-driven projects.


We recognize that there’s a wealth of associations and member-driven organizations in our province, with each one representing different industry segments and interests. We’re committed to working with likeminded groups to deliver valuable networking and educational opportunities and to promote the general community for the betterment of our industry as a whole.

The National Advertising Benevolence society helps industry members with valuable funds during times of need. Our partnership with NABS gives them a local presence and helps them to raise both awareness and funds. By attending events such as the Cannes Lions Industry night, you’re helping to support community peers.


Student Scholarships
We’re committed to supporting the next generation. Our student scholarship program assists Red River College students pursuing a career in our industry. Each spring, a first-year Creative Communications student pursuing an advertising diploma and a second-year Graphic Design student pursuing an advanced diploma receive funds that go directly towards their tuition. Recipients are selected based on academic standing and demonstrated financial need and membership fees directly support this initiative.

Ad Buying Course
The advertising buying course was established to give people working in advertising, marketing and communications an overview of media options available. The 10-week course brings leading media suppliers a chance to discuss the reach and marketing potential of each option.

Luncheons and Speakers
The Advertising Association is committed to helping current and future generations stay on top of emerging technologies and trends. Our educational events are designed to keep our industry in the know and help our community to stay competitive on the national stage.

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