The Advertising Association of Winnipeg was founded in 1944 by Waldo Holden, Tony Messner and Les Garside. Originally known as the Winnipeg Sales and Ad Club, its mandate was to encourage fellowship and professional development within the sales and advertising industries in Winnipeg.

By the late 1970s, the sales and advertising professions had diverged significantly in their work. As a result, numerous sales oriented clubs were established, specifically dedicated to the activities of the sales industry.

In 1980, the Winnipeg Sales and Ad Club changed its name to the Advertising Club of Winnipeg to more accurately reflect its connections to the field of advertising. In 1988, the name changed once again to the Advertising Association of Winnipeg.

Although the Association’s constitution has changed slightly throughout the years, its mandate remains to encourage professional development and fellowship among professionals employed or otherwise active in the field of advertising.

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